Pentacle Medical Educational Services For A Sparkling Medical Career




Candidates can contact us and we provide them the details of the universities we offer, their eligibility, fees structure and other requirements. If the candidate has already chosen a university to join, they can directly ask the counselor to provide admission to the university of their choice.

The counselor will verify all the required documents such as class 10 th certificate and mark sheet, class 11th certificate. Class 12th certificate and mark sheets. If the eligibility is met and all the documents are provided, the counselor will provide the application form from the university and the student is registered. Students are advised to apply for their passport at this time

Admission confirmation.

Once the student is registered with us, within a few day or weeks, the admission confirmation letter which is provided by the university is handed over to the candidate. We advice our candidates to keep it safe, as it is needed later on. This admission confirmation letter confirms the admission and can be verified from the university itself. Students can apply for the education loan also on the basis of this admission conformation letter.

Visa and ticketing

Our counselors take forward the procedure to get the ticket and visa. Students are requested to provide the passports. Once all the other required documents are received from the university by post, the counselor applies for the visa. The tickets are arranged and visa and ticket both are handed over to the candidate.


Once the visa and ticket are provided, our counselor will escort our candidates in the flight and the university’s faculty receives our counselor along with all the candidates at the airport. The entire team is taken to the hostel, where our counselors get them acquainted to the teachers, other batch mates, seniors and guide them around the city. It is ensured that candidates are settled and all their requirements are met.