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Why should I choose china for my MBBS course?

China has the world’s top ranked medical universities with the best infrastructure and technology. The international faculty provides the students with the best medical education using both modern and traditional approach towards various subjects.

MCI has recognized these universities as they fulfill the criteria laid down by them. The MBBS course in china is 5 years (in English) followed by one year of rotatory internship. Hence, china is the destination for aspirants who want to do MBBS abroad.

How much time does the admission procedure takes?

After verifying your required documents your admission in confirmed within a week approximately. This is followed by the processing of the admission from the ministry of education, china followed by the visa and tickets. The entire process would take around 3 months approx. students are provided with the visa and ticket before the session begins in china.

How is the Chinese culture and tradition?

China and India are both south Asian countries which share quite a similar history and cultural values. Spring festival in china is celebrated as Diwali in India. Indian students in our universities participate in various cultural programs and celebrate all festivals with a great enthusiasm.

What kind of food would we get?

Our students enjoy the taste of Chinese cuisines and discover new culture and tradition once they get acquainted to it. But our universities also provide Indian food. Vegetarian students would not face any difficulty in finding the food they want.

How can we be sure that we reach the university safely?

Our counsellors will accompany the new batch to the university, and will help in all aspects, from the time of admission to reaching the university and dealing with all requirements of our candidates. The university faculty welcomes the new batch at the airport itself. The batch is accompanied with our counsellors and helps students settle down in their new hostels and classrooms

Is china safe for girls?

China is a country lead by the women power. The most appreciating fact is the safety and security of women. It’s a country with strict laws and never in the history has observed any mishappenings with any of the students. The safety measures taken by the government and the university makes it one of the safest places in the world. It’s a safe country for everyone.

How will I pay the fees?

Fees can be carried as a demand draft or can be deposited in the university account. Our counsellors will help you in every step.

What books are taught in China?

We feel glad to inform that the international reference books are followed by our universities. They also provide with the study material. Other than that our counsellors will guide you more in this regard also.

How do I contact a counsellor from pentacle?

You can easily contact our counsellors from the column of contact us. You can easily register on our website to get a reply from us. Our counsellors can also visit your home on a prior appointment. We help you provide the best guidance and services and help you become good doctors to serve mankind.