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  • A Leading Private University in Thailand , Rangsit University is a private institution of higher education with the primary aim of creating graduates in the area of study meeting the requirements of national development by focusing mainly on science , technology, design and management including independent professions which are requisites in development of one's own career.
  • RSU currently has more than 500 international students from over 20 countries. International students add significant value to our overall teaching program and to campus life by providing different perspectives and insights based on their own cultural, life and learning experiences.
  • RSU offers extensive academic, recreational, sporting, and cultural and entertainment opportunities to students in a friendly and supportive environment.


  • Rangsit University is located inPathumthani, a neighbouring province directly north of Bangkok. Phatumthani is situated in the Chao Phraya basin and contains many canals and agricultural plantations where rice, vegetables and various fruits are grown. Its original name was Mueang Sam Khok, and was senled by the Mon people migrating from Mohtama (in Myanmar) over 350 years ago.
  • There are many interesting places located in the province such as the National Science Museum, numerous historical temples, renowned markets such as Klong Sam Floating Market and Talad Thai, one of the largest shopping malls in Thailand called Future Park Rangsit, the famous Dream World Amusement Park, The Supreme Artist Hall and the National Archives in Commemoration of H.M. the King’s Golden Jubilee.
  • The province is also considered to be an ‘Education and Technology Hub’ with a high concentration of higher education institutions, many research agencies and institutes and a number of industrial parks.
  • Pathumthani is also very accessible to Bangkok via car, bus, train and taxi.


  • Pursuit of academic excellence;
  • Encouragement of free enquiry and the free flow of the fullest possible information;
  • Tolerance and understanding of different views and opinions;
  • Promotion of freedom of expression, whether in speech or writing, in work or academic endeavour or, in religious beliefs and worship;
  • Ideal of a just and compassionate society, based on equal opportunity for all and equal justice under the Law;
  • Provision of highly planned and skilfully created academic programs that reflect the best in academic tradition, whilst constantly evolving to keep pace with advances in technology,


  • Rangsit University (RSU) is a leading private university in Thailand and is fully accredited by the Thai Government’s Commission on Higher Education, Ministry of Education.
  • Renowned for its academic excellence and international teaching standards, RSU is rated in the highest category (out of five possible levels) in quality assurance audits conducted by the Ministry of Education and the Thai Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment (Public Organisations).
  • With a history dating back to 1986, RSU has an enrolment of over 28,000 students studying in 134 degree courses (87 Undergraduate degrees, 36 Master degrees and 11 Doctoral degrees).
  • The main campus is located on a 296 rai (or 47.4 hectare or 117 acre) site in the Lak-Hok sub-district of Pathumthani Province, and is only 30 minutes drive by freeway from downtown
  • Bangkok. Surrounded by two golf courses, lakes, sporting facilities, restaurants and excellent shopping facilities, the main campus has much to offer and provides an ideal study environment.
  • Apart from offering university and other close by accommodation, RSU is readily accessible by public transport for students who may wish to live closer to Bangkok.




  • To produce Bachelor of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering with the following virtues and knowledge.
  • Have basic skills in research and development in the field of biomedical engineering for inventing new things as well as being a business owner in biomedical engineering.
  • Understand the principles of biomedical engineering in the field of research and development, production or quality control of government organizations or private companies engaged in the manufacture of medical devices.
  • Maintenance, repair, modification, and application of medical devices, hospital engineering including medical technology assessment.
  • Management of procurement, using, distribution and consultancy in biomedical engineering works.
  • Postgraduate studies in biomedical engineering or related fields.
  • Having good ethics and ethics, competency in both national and international competitions and professional readiness.


  • A biomedical engineer or clinical engineer in biomedical engineering unit, both public and private sectors.
  • Service Engineer for medical device Service companies.
  • Product Specialist or Product Applicationist in businesses involved in medical devices, both public and private sectors.
  • Biomedical Engineers or Research and Development or Production or Quality Control Departments of government agencies or private companies engaged in the manufacture of medical devices.
  • Medical Device Sales Representative for Private Medical Device Business.
  • Carry out personal business in the sale, service or consultation in the field of medical equipment or biomedical engineering.
  • Higher education in Biomedical Engineering or related fields.


First Year Second Year Third Year
Bachelor Degree (Englsih Program) Term 1 Term 2 summer Term 1 Term 2 Summer
Number of Credits 20 18 8 18 18 9
3,000 Baht Per Credit x Number of Credits 60,000 54,000 24,000 54,000 54,000 27,000
Lab Fee 3,000 3,000 0 7,000 21,000 0
Academic Service Fee 10,000 10,000 5,000 10,000 10,000 5,000
Student Activity Fee 1,000 1,000 500 1,000 1,000 500
Health Insurance (Yearly) 3,000 - - 3,000 - -
Application form 300 - - - - -
Registration Fee 300 - - - - -
Health Examination 500 - - - - -
Student ID 200 - - - - -
Deposit for Property Damage (Refundable) 8,000 - - - - -
Total Per Term 86,300 68,000 29,500 75,000 86,000 32,500
Total Per Year 183,800 193,500
  • The cost of tuition fees per semester is only an estimate and will depend on the actual number of credits that a student will register for that semester.
  • Subjects can be change without notice.