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  • The History of Caucasus University (CU) began in 1998, when the US Government via a grant from the Eurasia Foundation and the US Information Agency (USIA), in cooperation with Georgia State University (GSU), funded the Caucasus School of Business (CSB) and introduced the first Western Style business education in Georgia. Caucasus University was established in the year 2004, on the basis of Caucasus School of Business. After beginning its operation in 1999, CSB launched its first BBA, MBA and PhD programs followed by establishing Caucasus University as a private, higher education institution in 2004. The university grants Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degrees to its graduates in accordance with the rules and laws of Georgian legislation.
  • Nowadays, CU has ten Schools: Business, Law, Media, Technology, Governance, Humanities and Social Sciences, Tourism, Medicine and Healthcare Management, Economics and Doctoral and provides a high quality, world- class education through a combination of well-designed curricula and exceptional faculty with academic credentials and practical experience necessary for delivering an outstanding education. Its curricula are supported through participation in international programs and by visiting professors. Engaging teaching methods are used, which are buttressed with professional experience and exchange programs for both students and scholars. Courses are delivered by internationally qualified professional lecturers and professors, which ensures preparation of highly-qualified specialists in various fields.
  • Furthermore, we are proud to announce that CU has moved to a new, historically significant campus in one of the most pastoral locations of Tbilisi. A nationally covered opening of the campus attracted visits from the President, the Minister of Education and a number of international friends.


The mission of Caucasus University is to prepare, through research-oriented teaching and learning, competitive, highly-qualified, morally-grounded professionals committed to the ideals of democracy and thus satisfy society’s educational needs and requirements.


The vision of Caucasus University  is to become an internationally recognized and ethically grounded university in the Caucasus region and beyond by creating the educational space where every stakeholder will achieve his/her maximum potential. 

University Slogan

"Studium Pretium Libertatis”
knowledge is the guarantee of freedom.

First Year Second Year Third Year Fourth Year Fifth Year
Tuition Fee 8400$ 8400$ 8400$ 8400$ 8400$
Hostel Fee 1200$ 1200$ 1200$ 1200$ 1200$
Total Fee 9600$ 9600$ 9600$ 9600$ 9600$
Fee Structure:
  • Processing fee:Rs 2,35,000 (Only in the first year, Includes: Documentation, Visa, ticket, Drop etc)


One-cycle educational programme “Medical Doctor” is learner-centered, designed in the ECTS credit system and based on a student workload necessary for achievement of the programme learning outcomes.

Program objectives: 

  • To give international standard education of evidence based medicine which is indispensible for practical medical work.
  • To provide the graduates with education in basic, clinical, behavioral and social sciences necessary for practical activities in the field of medicine.
  • To generate motivation for the continuous medical education and professional development.
  • To gain the knowledge of legislative basics of the health care system.
  • To acquire clinical and communication (with the patient, her\his family, colleagues and other representatives of the health care) skills and patient-centered competences.
  • To acquire values of Medical Ethics (sense of respect of patients, taking into consideration their interests despite their social, cultural, religious and ethnical background; work in accordance with the professional ethics).